A Church With A Mission
We are a congregation with a mission to evangelize the world for Jesus Christ (Matthew 28\:19-20). The Lord Jesus Christ has given us the desire to reach the Spanish Speaking Countries of the world. We are currently spreading the Gospel in Mexico and Central America. We have also partnered with churches in these countries and are in the process of helping them evangelize, feed the hungry, purchase medicine, and clothe the less fortunate.\r\nThrough our labor of love, many have committed their lives to Jesus Christ as their Savior. If you desire to join us in this ministry through your prayers and finances, please contact us.\r\nFollow us on the Internet. We have many programs broadcasting. Below is a list of our current programs. www.abundantgraceofmidlothian.com www.youtube.com(Bishop Ramon DeMaria) www.pirateradio.com (Abundant Grace Church) www.ustream.tv/channel/victory-in-christ www.ustream.tv/channel/mr-melody-s-oldies Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus; Bishop Ramon DeMaria

Contact Information
Email : Pastorramon@abundantgracechurch.net
Phone : 972-723-2355
Address :
1406 Whispering Oaks Drive
Texas - 76065